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What exactly does Randsure do?

Help our clients build wealth over the short, medium and long term by assisting them to reduce their taxes and accumulate wealth and legacies throughout the development curve and lifespan and its preservation thereafter. We achieve these goals via our product range.

  • Investments:   We provide short, medium and long term investment solutions to suit our clients individual needs.
  • Estate Planning:   We aim to eliminate uncertainties over the administration and maximise the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses with clever financial planning, wills, trusts and other financial services instruments.
  • Risk Management:   We identify, access and prioritise risk taking into account our clients investment objective and risk tolerance.
  • Life Assurance:   Securing your families future after your demise. We offer the best cover with competitive premiums.
  • Disability Insurance:   Covering you in the event of temporary or permanent disability.
  • Dread Disease Cover:   We arrange policies so that it actually pays out before you pass away so you can live the rest of your life with dignity and without debt.
  • Employee Benefits:   We negotiate group benefits for companies and organisations.
  • Retirement Planning:   Approximately only 6% of South Africans will be able to retirement comfortably. With a monthly premium we can ensure that you receive a monthly income that will ensure that you can retire comfortably.
  • Business Broking:   Many business owners cede their personal estate for their business. This is dangerous and can have disastrous consequences if not properly attended to.
  • Short Term Insurance:   We cover commercial and residential as well as car insurance at affordable, competitive premiums.
  • Bond Finance:   It is necessary to refinance sometimes & help to consolidate your debt.
  • Real Estate:   We assist with property If you have a house or commercial property to sell.
  • Wills:   We draw up conventional and Islamic wills to suit your individual needs.
  • Bond Cover:   Most of our homes actually belong to the banks and your family will be left without a roof if you don’t have the money to settle what you owe the bank on your demise.


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