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Long Term Insurance

  • Life Insurance
  • Endowment Plan
  • Unit Trusts
  • Short Term Insurance

  • House Insurance
  • Car Insurance
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  • House Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Building Insurance
  • Commercial Cover
  • Randsure Helps its investors build wealth over the short, medium and long term by assisting them to reduce their taxes and accumulating wealth and legacies throughout the development curve and lifespan and its preservation thereafter.

    Why Randsure?

    At Randsure Financial Services, we understand that you want to enjoy your money and want become debt free and not get your money when you frail and then shortly thereafter you are the wealthiest individual in the graveyard. We believe that you should get your money while you have the mental maturity and the physical strength to enjoy it.

    Our team maintains a superior service whilst striving to offer sound, successful and well-researched financial solutions tailored to each client’s needs


    Entrust us to take care of your assets, including your Business Insurance needs, your employee benefits your personal assets like your home and car insurance, and especially your savings and retirement

    We pride ourselves in growing and measuring your bottom-line annually.
    We do the best we can for our clients in terms of service, and undertake to seek the most competitive rates.


    Randsure’s focus is on providing Insurance services and legacies to individuals as well as businesses.

    Anyone who is thinking of purchasing an insurance policy for something that may be unusual or might be unknown means a professional may be necessary. The best option will be use insurance brokers in Cape Town to meet your needs. There are many reasons to have insurance Cape Town professionals on the side of the consumer.

    One aspect many consumers do not know is comparison sites are not the best option for insurance that is the cheapest. Insurance brokers are able to find policies that will meet the needs of any consumer. A local insurance broker does more than comparison sites that may only offer a generic policy. There are a variety of advantages to using insurance brokers in Cape Town.


    Sound Advice at Randsure

    Expert advice from an insurance professional does not mean spending more money. Insurance brokers get paid a commission from the insurance provider when an insurance product is sold. Consumers will not pay any fees to have brokers shop around to find the best deals. Brokers have the experience and knowledge to determine the best products to meet the needs of a consumer.

    Consumers may not always be offered every type of coverage when contacting insurers directly. There may be policies with specific coverage that can be recommended by an insurance broker. This is often the best way for consumers to determine exactly what they need.

    A consumer has specific circumstances a broker will find out before looking for any insurance policy. Many times a consumer may already be covered by an existing policy. This will mean there is no overlap if a new policy is purchased. Another aspect is being able to compare various features along with price. A standard policy can easily be tailored by insurance brokers to suit specific needs. If you need more information about insurance policies, then contact Randsure Insurance today.


    • House and Car Insurance
    • Building Insurance
    • Commercial Cover

    Investments and Savings

    • Unit Trusts and Mutual funds
    • Insurance and Investments
    • Business Broking
    • Trusts and Estate Planning and Administration of Estates

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