Life After Covid-19: Planning Your Retirement

Life After Covid-19: Planning Your Retirement 791 490 frewm

The coronavirus has reshaped the way we look at finances and retirement planning. We can’t deny that the pandemic has caused hefty economic damage and that people are feeling the pinch. But, luckily, this doesn’t…

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Mental Health and Wellness

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The national lockdown and ongoing restrictions on movement, socialising and work have shaped our lives and health for the past few weeks. Keeping psychologically strong can be a key factor in how we are able…

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Help Children to Navigate Finances

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Parents, grandparents, relatives and friends can help prepare children for their financial futures by investing and even small amounts can ultimately make a big difference. Here are five key takeaways that can enable you to…

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Collective Investment Schemes?

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Collective Investment Schemes pool the money of many investors to professionally manage large portfolios of securities. These securities may include shares, debt securities, money market securities or a combination of any of these. Each investor…

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Disability Cover

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Life happens, and while it often goes perfectly according to plan, we can’t always be sure what’s around the next corner, but we can try our best to plan for what could happen. Life cover…

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Effective Budgeting

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The current economy has left many of us feeling the proverbial pinched purse strings. Managing your finances is more than making sure you make it through the month, it’s there to help you plan ahead…

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How to go digital with your financial planning

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First things first, the world around us has changed, and most importantly, we have to look at how to adapt accordingly in the various areas of our lives. Many people have found themselves in a…

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Why you need a financial advisor

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Needing a financial advisor isn’t just about retirement annuities and savings policies, the right advisor can help you mould and shape your wealth so that it works for you one day. Your financial advisor is…

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Let’s talk about goal setting…

Let’s talk about goal setting… 1024 683 admin@5@r35s@g09@3

Let’s talk about goal setting… January is almost over and the dreams of keeping up with new years’ resolutions are beginning to fade… The unfortunate thing about the glitz and glamour about setting goals with…

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